Green Potions

Green Potions are proudly made in Queensland, Australia and have a range of Eco friendly cleaning products that will take all the hard work out out of your household cleaning! 
Green Potions are 100% natural, so you have piece of mind for your health and the health of your family. At CollectiveGood we love it!  After all a clean home needn't be a toxic one!

Their potions come concentrated which allows you to mix the product quickly and economically. Why pay for water to be shipped around the world when you can mix it within seconds in your own home. Nice! 

Are the products effective? You bet! Green Potions have been created to conserve energy as the products do the cleaning. No elbow grease required, their products cut through tough oven grease, remove stains and even tar!

100% Cruelty Free and Palm Oil Free, Green Potions are a winner in our eyes!

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