CollectiveGood & Palm Oil


Here at CollectiveGood it's our mission to offer a range of products that are rich in natural ingredients and materials. In doing this we feel it's our responsibility to offer a collection of products that are 100% ethical, sustainable and cruelty free. And plus we just like to live like that!

We have seen the environmental destruction that the palm oil industry can cause in Indonesia and Malaysia.. This destruction doesn't just affect the land and environment but sadly the animals and indigenous people which live in these area. CollectiveGood ask all of our suppliers to verify any of their sources of palm oil. If they cannot, unfortunately we are unable to work with them as we cannot guarantee the methods used during production and supply chain are 100% cruelty free, this is something we simply cannot support or turn a blind eye to.

We don’t endorse a palm oil boycott for a couple of reasons. Palm oil is 10 times more productive as any other oil and 4.5 million people are dependent on the palm oil industry to survive and provide for their families. A boycott will lead to 10 times the current deforestation rate and it would have a huge environmental as well as social and cultural cost.

For these reasons CollectiveGood will only sell products which are either 100% Palm Oil Free or products that use completely sustainable, ethical and traceable Palm Oil.

The RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) is an organisation that was established to promote the growth and use of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO). The RSPO has set up four supply chain certification systems (SCCS) with different levels of traceability and cost. A claim an RSPO member can make about its commitment to sustainable palm oil depends on the type of SCCS.

At CollectiveGood when a supplier states the palm oil they use is sustainable we ask what type of certification they have - we are only ever interested in the top two certifications.

Identity Preserved Palm Oil (IP)
This has the highest of level of traceability and certification and is derived from a single identifiable certified source that is kept separately from ordinary palm oil throughout the supply chain.

Segregated Palm Oil (SG)
This has the second highest of level of traceability and certification. Sustainable palm oil from different certified sources is kept separate from ordinary palm oil throughout the supply chain.

IMO’s “Fair for Life” program, the most rigorous fair trade and sustainable certification in the world. The only brand we support under IMO is Dr Bronner's. They have partnered with Natural Habitats which is certified under the IMO's "Fair for Life" program to obtain fair trade and organic palm kernel oil from Ecuador, where family farmers grow oil palms sustainably (where there are no orangutans and no rainforests) and receive a fair price for their palm fruits. Natural Habitats is committed to environmental practices that sustain the land, its people and animals, and to a participative production model that ensures economic and social benefits for farmers and workers.